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Selling a home can already cause quite the headache, so selling one in less-than-stellar condition makes the process harder. Whether your home has a cracked foundation, failing floors, or a sagging roof, trying to sell a home in disrepair in Chicago, IL, may take months longer than selling a perfect house. When you need to sell your home fast without worrying about pricey and time-consuming repair bills, Direct Property Aid can help you meet that goal.

Is My Home in Poor Condition?

So what factors determine the condition of a house? In simple terms, selling a home in bad condition boils down to what types of repairs it needs to make it livable and comfortable. These houses come in three main types.

Dilapidated Homes

These types of homes often have foundation issues, dangerous building materials, or extensive mold problems. Dilapidated homes often require a full razing so a new house can stand in its place.

Homes With Major Damage

Homes with major damage may have termites, leaky plumbing, or broken HVAC systems. You can easily reverse many types of major damage with the right repairs and attention, making these homes sellable to the right buyer. 

Homes With Minor Damage

If you’re selling a house with outdated wall coverings, broken home appliances, and deep layers of grime or dirt, you can count it among those with minor damage. These homes sell easily since the buyers won’t have to spend a lot of money or time making the repairs.

Should I Repair a Damaged House Before Selling It?

When you sell a home in disrepair in Chicago, IL, you might worry that you have to make thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs to make the home sellable. However, when you work with our team at Direct Property Aid, we can make an offer on your home regardless of the condition.

If you worry about your home selling quickly, selling your real estate to Direct Property Aid can help you get rid of it for the best price available. Attempting to sell a damaged home through a real estate agent can take months or even years of lowball offers, depending on the condition of the house. Our team makes it easy for you to get a cash offer quickly, often with closing paperwork signed within a few days.

Sell Your Home in Any Condition to Direct Property Aid

Whether your home took damage during a recent storm or you inherited a property with a dilapidated house, you can easily sell a home in disrepair in Chicago, IL, with Direct Property Aid. Contact our excellent customer service team for a free consultation at (773) 840-7581.

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