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Getting divorced while owning a home can make the process take more time, especially if you share ownership with your ex-spouse. However, if you end up owning the home after all’s said and done, you can choose to either continue living in the house or sell it. Many divorced homeowners look for a fresh start, so if you need to sell a home after a divorce in Chicago, IL, you can depend on quick service and a fair payout from Direct Property Aid.

Can I Sell My Home After a Divorce?

As long as the shared real estate falls under your marital assets according to your divorce agreement, you can sell your home any time after court finalizations. In some cases, you may have an order in place that says if you sell the home, part of the payment goes to your ex-spouse. Most of the time, this doesn’t happen; one party or the other takes on the responsibility and ownership of the home in full, allowing them to do as they like with the house.

However, you should wait to sell the house until you receive the final divorce agreement. Know that you have full rights to the home and your ex-spouse doesn’t before you sell.

Reasons to Sell Your Home After a Divorce

Many divorced homeowners decide to sell a home after a divorce in Chicago, IL, for reasons including the following.


Living with a spouse often means purchasing a home that fits both of your needs, usually with higher square footage than a single person would need. Selling your home allows you to find a smaller house that makes cleaning and relaxing much easier.

New Location

After a divorce, many people want to move to a different city or, at the very least, a different neighborhood. Selling your home frees you from the one anchor you have to your current area.

Different Amenities

Did you purchase a property with an attached garage so your ex could use it as a car shop? Do you want a home with an in-ground pool? Selling your home gives you the funds you need to buy a house with the amenities that you want.

Budgetary Changes

Going from a two-income to a one-income household can take a toll when it comes to bills. If your incoming funds have changed significantly, selling your home to Direct Property Aid helps you pay down other bills and find a new place to live.

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